The Kinsey Memorial Garden

The Kinsey Memorial Garden behind the Jones Library, is a contemplative space beloved by many that would be destroyed by the Demolition-Expansion. With its canopy of mature trees, variety of plantings, stone walls, and meandering stone walkways, the Kinsey Garden invites visitors to sit and enjoy a moment of serenity in downtown Amherst. Friends meet each other in the Garden, children come with their parents to the Library and the Garden provides a downtown oasis to enjoy nature and witness the changing seasons. 
How the Garden Came to Be

The Kinsey Memorial Garden was a gift from Amherst resident, Carol Pope, who created and designed the Garden in 1999 as a memorial to her late husband, David Chapin Kinsey. The Garden was financed from donations to the Kinsey Memorial Fund, which Carol turned over to the Friends of the Library to be disbursed for the installation of the Garden. Over the next 16 years, Carol continued to oversee the work of the gardener and personally donated funds for all the plants, an arbor and installation of the stone benches, walkways and patios that all enjoy today.  

Kinsey Garden bench with Strong House Museum in background.


The completion of the Garden was the result of the hard work of more than 60 volunteers from Amherst and nearby towns, including Carol Pope's friends and family, and students and colleagues of Professor David Chapin Kinsey from UMass.  In addition, three Valley garden professionals, Tom Clark, Russ Billings, and Eugene Lawrence, donated many hours of their time and hard physical labor to clear the site of huge weed trees and library construction debris before installing all the new plantings. Carol said that the greatest tribute to her late husband, David, was the volunteers gathering in his memory, working together in community to create a garden oasis for the beloved Jones Library.

A community of volunteers worked together to install the Kinsey Memorial Garden. 

On October 10, 2000, a Dedication Ceremony for the Kinsey Memorial Garden was held with State Representative, Ellen Story and State Senator, Stan Rosenberg as guest speakers.  The crowd in attendence numbered over 100, and a handmade commemorative book was created and donated to the Jones Library, Special Collections.  

The Dedication Ceremony held at the Jones Library.

Commemorative book for the Garden Dedication Ceremony.